Superb Service

- Enlightened staffing policies: 75+% permanent staff
- Extensive training and development
- Specific and demanding service standards
- Extremely good customer satisfaction/retention programs

We are always on the lookout for amazing talent to join our team!
Send your resume at careers@zubuchon.com

Local Impact

Meet our local artisans: Manang Lima and Aimee.

Manang Lima - The Biko Expert

We discovered Manang Lima selling her delectable kakanins on a sidewalk in Mandaue. Turns out she had been making artisanal kakanin for decades with an uncompromising, authentic approach that she has so generously brought exclusively to Zubuchon. She now cooks her wonderful kakanins in small batches in Zubuchon's commissary.

Aimee - Fruit vendor

Aimee is our fantastic fruit scout. She scours Cebu for backyard-raised iba or kamias fruit and other local fruits, handpicks and sorts our kalamansi and also sources some of our other fruit. A mother of 11, she is one of the most industrious, jolly and positive people we know, and we are proud to support dedicated, hardworking suppliers like Aimee.


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